I have only recently started my grassroots journey but have achieved my FA level 1 coaching badge within 18 months. I am looking to get started on my FA level 2 badge as soon as possible and will also be starting my FA level 1 in futsal this summer.

I would say my philosophy in coaching this age bracket is based around multi touch football and speed of thought. Before every session begins we run through a cycle of 1000 touches on the ball to keep the children’s ball manipulation at the right levels.

With concentration and speed of thought we can teach them to go through the 3 stages of defense, transition and attack naturally.

Importantly, we dress all the above up in fun games that the children enjoy and want to play each session. I do like to add a competitive edge in to the games and mini matches so we will set them individual tasks and challenges each week both in training and matches. Whilst inclusivity, fun and enjoyment are my main aims, I want the children to understand its good to try and win and strive to achieve, as long as we do it in a fair and sporting manner.